Join the 10-week course that teaches you how to spot and remedy imbalances, and use yogic practices, meditation, and diet to live your most vibrant life.

Step Into a Life You LOVE!

Live sessions begin on 01/05/21

Step Into a Life You LOVE!


‘Self-care is how you take your power back.’ 

~Lalah Dleia

First things first...

Hi, how are you?

How are you feeling

Take a moment right now and breathe deeply into your stomach. 

Relax those shoulders, take a sip of water and ground your feet onto the floor.

How are you feeling now?

A little better? 

That, my friend, is what the practice of Ayurveda is all about.

So, sit back, relax, and let me shine a light on your inner world. 


You are being called to put your health and well-being first now more than ever -- amid a global pandemic and massive social changes.

You are experiencing overload.

You are at your max.

It’s time you start the healing process by nourishing yourself in body and mind.

If you have been...

...Living on auto-pilot, and also trying to hold it together for you and your family.

...Continually  putting others needs before yours

...Exhausted at the end of a work week and wonder, "what am I here for?" 

...Lacking good quality sleep, let alone any sleep

...Wondering if there is more to life  than working a job you merely tolerate because #bills and people depend on you.

...Relying on caffeine in the mornings to boost your energy levels 

...Constant digestive issues that leave you feeling uncomfortable and frustrated

Confused over conflicting health information

…Sick of harsh elimination diets and quick-fixes that don’t really fix anything

...Anxious about your future, and feeling directionless

...Knowing that you can feel better within your body and mind but, wishing you knew where and how to start

...Feeling not in control and unfulfilled in your day-to-day life 

…Waking up every day feeling depleted and not knowing exactly why

...then The Self-Care & Ayurveda course is for you. 

This is where I come in.

Let me help you create a life you love.

Let me lead you on a self-care journey to nourish your body, mind, and soul. 

I’m ready for change!

I see you, I hear you, I love you.

When was the last time you said these words to yourself and believed them?

By saying these words out loud, we shift into the territory of the heart and shine the light on our presence, our body, our minds, fundamentally, love for ourselves.

Love and compassion for yourself are what is most needed now and always. You are not wrong for neglecting to love or listen to your body’s wisdom over the years. You simply were not taught to do it...

Meditate on this... 

You wake up each day feeling aligned in body, mind, and heart. You feel on purpose, energized, nourished, and motivated. You stand in your power, which means you are clear about what you want and have the energy to live every day to its fullest. By doing so, you  INSPIRE the people around you to live their best life. 

Say This Out Loud...

This year I will love the work-in-progress that is me. 

This year I will give the world the best of me instead of what is left of me. 

Now it’s time to take care of me.


These clients chose to say "yes" and start their healing process



She learned how to slow down, focus on the present moment, and learned that "I don't have to strive for perfection, because I am enough." 

Betsy's advice to anyone thinking about joining: 

"Give yourself the gift of self-care. You will learn more about yourself than you ever imagined. You will learn you are enough and you need to spend the same time on yourself that you give so freely to others."

With simple actions and big results...


Introducing Self-Care & Ayurveda

the 10-week course made just for you--the beautiful beings who are ready to put their bodies, minds, and souls first

My dear, beautiful, incredible friends,  

I am glad you're here.  It’s about time we met!

I understand the frustration of feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, wanting to feel better in your body - but not knowing where or how to start?

I see you.

Maybe you feel lost and confused or overwhelmed about the right next step to get on top of your health…

I’ve been there.

You know the scene, waking up exhausted from being overworked, lacking sleep, or sometimes hungover after a big night out. Oh, we’ve all been there; I was in the struggle. I would try out a new health kick for about two weeks before giving up. ​ 

I lacked a plan, resiliency, and clear intentions behind the things I wanted to change.

Yes, I hear you.  It feels great to pour yourself a cocktail or glass of wine and make everything melt away. Still, habits like that were just a band-aid to more significant issues that I needed to address.

I was desperate to find a way, an answer, anything, SOMETHING that would work, and actually, stick.

Overwhelmed and lost, I didn’t know where or how to start on the path of healing.

Then EVERYTHING changed...

I discovered Ayurveda, which gave me a life-changing personal practice involving food, breath, and meditation. 

With Ayurveda & Self-care practices, I regained control over my life and stepped into my power.

As an Ayurveda Health Counselor, I have the privilege of helping incredible souls just like you heal their bodies and awaken a life of joy and true well-being.

Lyndsay, what is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system from ancient India that teaches how to realign our relationship to our bodies and the world around us.

It teaches that if you experience any symptoms of discomfort, sickness, imbalance, aches, and pains in mind-body, it requires all bodily systems, (your digestion, endocrine, nervous, immune) to heal.

That’s a lot to take in, I know but, that’s why I am here. With my support, knowledge, and experience, I will guide you through my hands-on 10-week course to lead you on your path to wellness and how to become your own best healer.


Once I committed to a Self-Care routine involving Ayurveda, self-love, and JOY followed...

⭐️  I started to feel confident in my body and calm in mind

⭐️  I woke up in the mornings feeling refreshed and energized 

⭐️  I felt like I had a purpose in my day to day, my work week no longer felt like work, and instead, I found joy and passion.

 I stopped feeling like I was burning out 

💜  I experienced so many changes that healed my body and allowed me to see myself in a more loving and present way

💜  I started to come back into balance with my digestion – no more bloating, gas, or digestion issues at all.

💜  I finished meals feeling fulfilled, nourished, and content

💜  Started loving and understanding my body more intuitively, no longer looking to someone else to tell me how to feel 

💜  People started reaching out to me through social media for help and guidance

Boundaries flowed with ease, and I had more time and energy to re-charge so I could show up for my friends and family.

My dream life manifested itself.

 Join me.

I have poured my eight years of expertise together with Ayurveda’s, into ONE COURSE, so that you too, can build a self-care routine that will awaken your true well-being.

Your spirit is calling you. 

This is where your journey to wellness starts! 

If not now, WHEN?


Oh, I can hear that familiar negative self-talk...

...I feel guilty if I put my needs before my family 

...I’ve tried everything, and nothing has stuck and works

… Self-care routine?  HA! impossible.

...I’ll probably fail again 

... I won’t ever be able to find balance in my body 

...I’ll feel this way forever

....I don’t deserve to spend money to take care of me. 

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens...

You are here for a reason.

This is where your transformation starts.

A life filled with confidence, joy, and peace is on the other side of this Course.

My job is to guide, support, and encourage you to unearth your best life.


Let me hold space for you...

I am a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor with over 5000 hours of formal education in health education, nutrition, and yoga. My wellness journey ignited in a Health Behavior Change class at Appalachian State. 

I’ve had health challenges that fuelled my passion, and need to know how and why people reshape their lifestyle throughout my life. The ‘Band-aid approach’ method to health and well-being wasn't sustainable. There had to be something that addressed more than just a symptom.  My course uses Ayurveda's holistic approach to well-being by incorporating physical health, lifestyle, and spiritual practices that have helped dozens of people heal their bodies and live a life of joy.

My philosophy is, if we can create routines with purpose, a life of fulfillment is not far behind.

Is this course a good fit for you?


is for you if...

  • You work a demanding job and have trouble making time for yourself
  • You're floating through life and crave direction
  • You feel stuck and want to find purpose
  • You want to trust your body instead of always questioning it
  • You want to move from surviving to thriving
  • You're ready to take the next steps and make yourself a priority
  • You want support while adding healthy habits to your life.

What you get in 10 weeks:

👉 10 modules of pre-recorded video content, 1 module released each week  

👉 Journaling prompts that will encourage self-reflection and inquiry

👉 Recorded meditations that will guide you through feelings of stress and anxiety

👉 A personalized self-care routine that you love and support you through life

👉 10 weeks of support from your community and Lyndsay via private online group 

👉 Weekly Zoom group coaching calls. This is the place to receive LIVE feedback and ask questions to about your new practices.

A self-care routine built just for YOU

This course is the match that will light a path to this progress. It starts by creating a routine that is joyful, sustainable, and works FOR YOU.

This is not a "one size fits all" course

In Self-Care & Ayurveda, I meet you where you are, designed around your goals

We meet each week to assess what is working, what isn’t, and apply what you’ve learned in each lesson.

You get a balance between the practical knowledge and how the practices could fit into your life.

I give you the tools to understand what is “healthy” for your body, but I also address the root issues of imbalance.

Tell me friend, are you ready?

Finally learn what steps to take and adopt a self-care routine that works for you.

This is a step by step course on how to heal your mind and body

I know you’ve been telling yourself, ‘One day’...So, why haven't you started?

How much longer are you going to neglect your health?


This course is not just another quick fix...

I am here to serve you on a holistic, mind-body-spirit, human-driven level. 

What's Inside

10 Modules to Guide You Through... 

  • Understanding Stress, Your Symptoms, & the Mind/Body Connection
  • Agni, Ama, and Ojas 
  • Build a self-care plan fits into your life.
  • Ayurveda 101 - What's Your Dosha?
  • The Importance Prana and Breath
  • Learn about the 3 Pillars of Health: Food, Sleep, Pleasure, and how to support yourself with them.
  • How to Evaluate Your Digestion
  • Dinacharya and Creating Your Daily Routine
  • Abhyanga and How to Oil Your Body
  • Movement for Your Dosha
  • Learn What Ayurveda Says About Mindset
  • Weekly Meditations
  • PDF Workbook & Weekly Journaling Prompts

There is no other program like this.

Let me hold space for you.

Let's figure out what you need to do to establish your true well-being.

And let's figure out a self-care plan that works for you so that you start feeling better today!

What Clients Are Saying...

Are you ready to 

...Dive deep?

...Be asked the hard questions?

...Trust the feedback, coaching, and the support of a community that LOVES YOU?

... Feel better in your body and look at what’s blocking your health?

...Invite clarity and release confusion?

...Love your body and live a life of joy?

We Start January 5, 2021











If you have been waiting for a sign, this is it!

Shh...listen in, can you feel that?

Your body and spirit are calling on you...

How much longer are you going to ignore their call?

Your people need you.

The world needs you. 

It's time to step into your light.

If not, now when?


Repeat these words:

Dear {say your name},

Today is the day I start to listen to you.

Today is the day I take care of you.

Today is the day I say I love you.


I am a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor with over 5000 hours of formal education in health education and nutrition, and yoga.  

My wellness journey started in my Health Behavior Change class at Appalachian State. I’ve always been intrigued by the reasons why people choose to reshape their lifestyle (or not).

Years later, I’m implementing my expertise through helping clients and students create lasting changes.  

My teachings utilize a holistic approach that incorporates physical health, lifestyle, and spiritual practices. I've had the honor of embodying these practices over the past 8 years.  

A band aid approach, that only addresses the symptom, is not sustainable. I help my clients address the root of their concerns.

Through my education and experience helping dozens of people I know what works. I know what the roadblocks will be and how to help you to overcome them. 

I’ve had my own life-changing experience and my passion is to share this knowledge with you, to help you create your own healing journey.

See you inside!